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Gate valve manufacturer and exporter of industrial gate valves, knife gate valve, forged steel gate valve, gate valve supplier in India-Gujarat-Ahmedabad.
Gate Valve - Gate Valves Manufacturer,Gate Valve Exporter,Gate Valve Supplier,India
Gate Valve ahmedabad,gujarat,india.
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Gate Valve

Gate valves, Gate Valves Exporter, Gate Valves Manufacturer, Gate Valves supplier, Gate Valves india Gate Valves

We manufacture all types of Gate Valves under our brand
FLOEC and achieved perfection in the field. FLOEC Gate Valves both Solid Wedge and Flexible Wedge Designs conform to API-600. Pressure rating from 150# through 2500# in Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel of all Grades and Super Alloy Steel like Alloy-20, CD4MCu., Hastelloy Valves are in regular production. FLOEC Gate Valves are provided with smooth machined full bore and full opening of Wedge to ensure elimination of additional pressure drop across the Valve. Long Screwed-in Seat Rings ensure perfect tightness for a longer period of service and replaceable after a long period of service. In certain cases of high temperature and pressure Valves, Seat Rings are either integral with body or seal welded as per recognized practice and procedure for maximum perfection and safety.

FLOEC Gate Valves are provided with properly machined and lapped backseat to ensure re-packing under pressure while fully open. Availability of Solid Wedge, Flexible Wedge, Split Wedge and Parallel Wedge designs offer maximum option to clients for suitable selection.

Gaskets and Gland packing material are selected to suit service conditions like temperature, corrosion, erosion, pressure, vacuum and other applications. FLOEC Gate Valves ensure smooth operation, tight shutoff, reliability, maximum safety and longer life.


Gate Valve - Techanical Specification
Size Range
50 NB
600 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI - 150#, 300#,
400#, 600#, 900#,
1500#, 2500#
OS & Y, Bolted/
Pressure Seal
End Connection
Flanged/ Butt Weld
Hand wheel/ Manual
gear/ Electric motor
Port Opening
Integral/ Renewable/
Seal welded
Solid/ Flexible/ Dual Disc
Gasket & Packing
PTFE/ Graphite/ Asbestos/
Spiral wound/ Ring joint
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
API - 595/600/603/604
API 598
3rd Party/ Client/

Gate Valves Exporters
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Gate Valve at affordable cost!.
Gate Valves
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